Elegant Suites Westlake Épanouir Hair & Spa

Feel beautiful every day. Conveniently located next to the gym, Epanouir Hair & Beauty is open on every weekday (9:30am – 6:30pm) except for Tuesdays. Using expert-proven and dermatologist-recommended brands like La Bioesthetique Paris and Moroccan Oil, our beauty salon offers hair styling, color & perm, hair & scalp treatment and nail care all in one. Spend a relaxing afternoon at Epanouir and enjoy our services right at your door. 


1. Recover Foot Massage 45min./VND 350,000

2. Hot Stone Foot Massage 60min./VND 550,000

3. Head & Shoulder Massage 30min./VND 300,000

4. Vietnam Traditional Body Massage 60 | 75min./VND 600,000 | 700,000
5. Hot Stone Body Massage Therapy 60 | 75min./VND 700,000 | 800,000 For all the massages, E'panouir uses pure coconut oil from Ben Tre Province with pleasant fragrance, which warms the whole body and nourish the skin at the same time 6. Jasmine Rice Body Scrub 45min./VND 450,000 This body scrub and nourishing uses organic jasmine rice ingredient to get your body perfectly exfoliated and appearance. 7. Body Mud Wrap or Marine Algae Wrap 45min./VND 550,000 A purifying treatment to detoxify and stimulate the body generate new skin cells for a smooth, beautifully toned appearance. 8. E'panouir Signature Package 120min./VND 1,350,000 Jasmine Rice Body Scrub and Body Mud Wrap followed with 60min. of Vietnam Traditional Body Massage Therepy. * All body treatment are included 10min. of complimentary sauna.