Relojes Mecánicos Automáticos Elegantes Y Lujosos Están A La Venta

Although it's common knowledge that"Paul Newman" Rolex Daytonas the exotic dial relojes mecanicos automaticos popularized by the late, great actor and race car driver, have grown exponentially in value in the past several decades, but there are a few variants that have hit even more astonishing and astronomical prices thanks to their extreme rarity.

A vintage timepiece such as this Paul Newman Rolex is exceptionally rare and significant. 6263 Daytona known as"The Legend" is set to cross the auction block in Geneva next month where Phillips places its high estimate $1.6 million, which makes it among the priciest Rolex relojes mecanicos automaticos on Earth.

Made c.1969, it is the third known yellow gold"Paul Newman" Daytona with screw down pushers to appear on the market and is one of the rarest Paul Newman Daytona variations in existence. The creamy lemon-colored dial and white subsidiary register numerals and graphics distinguish the watch. Additionally, it may be considered the world's most valuable gold Rolex Daytona variant. "This timepiece is among the most essential Rolex chronograph wristwatches in the world," is how Phillips Watches Senior Consultant Aurel Bacs puts it. "It is not every day that an iconic wristwatch with such rarity appears on the market, and telling when another will ever surface again." This view is considerably rarer than its own stainless steel counterpart, ref. 6262.

Consider the implications of a watch made in 1969 that probably had an original buy price around $1,000 now worth over 1$ million. Have a nice, long look in this specific one since the deep-pocketed collector who buys it will likely lock it away for a very long time, at that point it could be worth even more. There appears to be no diminishment in demand or shortage of collectors willing to pay top dollar for outstanding"paul Newman" Daytonas, therefore they remain watches which some believe a smart investment for people who are able to afford it. The success of Rolex's relojes mecanicos esqueleto modern Daytona versions only serves to reinforce the worth of its sooner, legacy pieces as well.